Art Masterpiece

Art Masterpiece is an art enrichment program facilitated through our PTO. Parent volunteers use reproductions of fine works of art to promote art education to our students. Designed to enhance and support the Core Knowledge Arts program, students are encouraged to observe, reflect, and evaluate art masterpieces. Our main purpose is to increase awareness and appreciation of art in our student’s lives, and to have some fun in the process. 
Volunteer Art Presenters do not need to be teachers, art majors, or even know a lot about art.  All you need is enthusiasm and a small commitment of your time. There is an artist in each one of us – the more we try, the better we are at expressing ourselves. Join us in helping our students develop and grow!

Art Education is Important:

  • Art provides a means of self-expression & communication
  • Art promotes cognitive & creative thinking
  • Art enhances motor skills
  • Art promotes appreciation for the individuality of others
  • Art generates joy!

Get involved with Art Masterpiece. You’ll be happy you did!

Further questions about the program can directed to Pamele Loisel at  or Carrie Bell at