Class List & Directory Permission Online Form

2016 – 2017 Wildfire Elementary Student Directory Permission to Release Student Contact Information

A school directory will be compiled and made available online through the DirectorySpot website and mobile app. The directory is only accessible to our PTO Members. Please complete the Wildfire PTO Membership Form if you’d like to join the Wildfire PTO and receive this directory. Regardless if you plan to join PTO or not, please complete this form.

The school directory includes: alphabetical listing of students’ names, parent names, teacher names and grades, addresses, e-­‐mails, and phone numbers. It’s is a great way to access class lists so that you can invite friends over for play dates/birthday parties/ etc. YOU DO NOT have to give us all your information to be in the directory. You may just want to give us your names/child’s name and email or phone number. Just please know that by not participating in the directory at all, it makes it very hard to get in touch with you as the office cannot give out that information and neither can the teachers.

In an effort to produce an accurate and complete directory, please indicate below the information you would like to include in the student directory. Even if you choose not be included in the directory, please complete at least the student’s name, grade level and teacher so we can account for each student.




For questions contact Amanda Ghaemmaghami (